My name is Kelly Burge and I Received my Reiki Master/Teacher 3rd degree in Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki, SKHM and Usui Reiki in 2000 and have been a practitioner of Reiki for almost 20 years using my 1st and 2nd degrees.

Reiki is the ancient Japanese practice of balancing energy, and can also be used to charge or empower objects with healing, protective, positive energy. These object can then be used to increase the effectiveness of a healing session or placed around the home for protection or to improve situations. Any object can be charged – your car, a crystal or stone, your home, jewelry, a piece of paper with Reiki.


Attuning an object with Reiki consists of three steps:

1) Cleansing - Cleansing healing stones after a treatment is also highly recommended. There are several methods for cleansing an object:

Saltwater “bath” – Soak the stone in a sea salt and purified water bath for several hours (use a glass bowl, not metal). Note: Do NOT use this method for porous stones.

Smudging – Burn a sage stick (some say white desert sage works best) or a frankincense or sandalwood resin-based incense stick, and hold the stone in the smoke for several minutes.

Sun or moon “bath” – Place the object in bright sunlight or in the light of a full moon (moonlight is especially effective for moonstone).

2) Charging - Perhaps the most basic method is to wrap either Sei He Ki and/or Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen with Cho Ku Rei, again, sending Reiki with intention and affirmations into the object. Continue for at least five minutes, or until the energy flow dissipates – depending on the object and the intentions, it may take as long as 30 minutes.

3) Sealing - A specific sealing is considered always necessary to close any Reiki session, and essential to thank your Reiki guides after charging an object.

Be Blessed,

Digital Delilah

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