Ancient Egyptian Temple Incense (Kapet/Kyphi) - Reiki Charged


Ancient Egyptian Temple Incense (Kapet/Kyphi) - Reiki Charged

Being Charged by the FULL MOON TONIGHT 6/20/2016

This pungent temple incense is known as Kapet or Kyphi, and is based on an Ancient Egyptian recipe dating as far back as the 18th Dynasty in the times of Queen Hatshepsut. My Kapet incense is a night time ritual incense and can be burned from Dusk on wards. It was created in a 3- step process. Even though this is an exotic smelling incense, it's primary use is for invocation. The smell (which is delicious) is a byproduct.

The first stage was the combination of the primary ingredients while chanting an invocation to awaken the energies within this sacred mixture. The Kapet was placed in a consecrated & programmed Circle that night during a waxing Full Moon.

The second part of the process involved removing the Kapet from the Circle the next morning, adding the final ingredients to the mixture and then rolling it out in the sun, dusted with cardamom and mixed spices.

The final process was allowing the Kapet to steep for another 7 days in the programmed Circle to complete, and close the sacred ritual.

It can be burned on an electric incense burner, on coal pellets, or heating beads.

Ingredients used for this Kapet recipe are:

Frankincense resin
myrrh resin
gum arabic
dragons blood resin
copal resin
galangal root
cedar wood
orris root
juniper berries (I had half berries and half fronds)
chopped dates
red wine
lotus oil

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