DD's Petal Bath Melts - Reiki Charged


DD's  Flower Bath Melts- Reiki Charged

+ Sacred Lotus Flowers and a hint of White Lotus Essential Oil

+ Lavender and a hint of Lavender Essential Oil 

Pop one of these in your bath and watch it release the wonderful moisturizing butter and oils that will leave your skin feeling silky for a full bath time experience. 


Our Bath Melts are made with Coconut Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Essential Oils, Himalayan Salt Crystals and Flowers. Your skin will be completely moisturized and lightly scented as you wrap up your personal soak session. One set of two, will supply enough for 4 baths when broken in half. Enjoy and exotic scent while your body absorbs all of that wonderful moisture.  


+Coconut Oil & Cocoa Butter: skin moisturizing, helpful in treating stretch marks or scars
You are purchasing two Bath Melts.

I recommend breaking each Melt into two pieces (in half) but if you are feeling like your skin needs some extra moisture, go ahead and drop the whole thing in! 


Fill a bath with warm water. Drop the Melt into the water and then lay back to enjoy the exquisite scent and the rich moisturizing effects.
Be aware that your tub may be slippery as you get out. Please take care as you move on to your next wonderful endeavor.


Be Blessed,

Digital Delilah


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