Reiki Charged, Command - "Banish" Original Acrylic Painting, Mixed Media Collage

Please list the name or situation so that I may place it within this Command

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This piece of whimsical art is an original mixed media collage presented on a 11x15 Mixed Media Sheet. This command is called "Peaceful Banishment". 

This would make a great gift to inspire a person of any age, who loves whimsical thoughts and great ideas to keep warm and grow.

The Command within this piece is banishment. 

Please put the name of the "banishee" in the box provided when you order and so it shall be done.

Commands are simply that. Commands for specific actions to specific persons and or situations. 

Mixed media art is art made using a variety of materials and techniques including but certainly not limited to painting, stamping, printing and collage. Original mixed media art usually has dimension and texture as a result of building layers using various materials and techniques. A print of an original mixed media piece will be two dimensional, where the texture of the original can be seen but not felt.

Be Blessed,

Digital Delilah

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